About Us

The history of Williams traces back to 1987 when Katie Williams, one of the pioneers of the infomercial and home shopping industry, started her own DRTV advertising agency, Williams Worldwide, Inc. The agency was successful from the beginning, and became the leader in the television direct response industry.

Williams Worldwide bought DRTV media and created campaigns for an impressive roster of clients, including Philips Consumer Electronics, The Los Angeles Times, Hoover, Hanes, Warner Music, Quaker State, Microsoft, Citibank, QVC, Home Shopping Network, Toshiba, Goodtimes, Ronco, Nordic Track, Kent and Spiegel Direct and Visa.

The company was the recognized expert in all areas of DRTV – especially media and marketing. Soon after, Ms. Williams seized the opportunity of introducing and applying these techniques in foreign markets, where cross-border DRTV was non-existent. With this, Williams Worldwide Television was born.

Thus in 1992, Ms. Williams expanded her company globally and created Williams Worldwide Television (WWTV), an international direct response marketing company. WWTV was the first to air infomercials on some of the most powerful stations in Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, Ireland and other countries and forged long-standing relationships with retail powerhouses in all of these markets.

In early 1999, Ms. Williams sold her domestic advertising company, Williams Worldwide, and retained the international company, Williams Worldwide Television. For over 20 years now, WWTV has brought top products to the international arena.