Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ (15)

How many countries do you serve?

Our network of distributors is able to take your product into over 70 countries.

What is the timeline to get my product tested?

Internationally, it generally takes 90 days* to get your infomercial up on air due to the lead time involved to ship samples to our distributors, receive feedback, translate and dub the infomercial, clear the product’s show for airing, and schedule airtime.
*If your product is electrical, topical, ingestible or cosmetic, this timeline may not apply.

How do I handle inbound telephone service and fulfillment internationally?

Each of our distributors is an expert in the local marketplace. In each market we take full responsibility for the inbound calls and fulfillment services on your behalf.

My product is electric. What are the challenges?

Each country has its own electrical clearance requirements. Williams Worldwide Television has a proven track record with electrical products and will assist you with the necessary clearances required to enter the individual marketplace.

Does my product need to sell in the US in order for it to sell abroad?

Although it is helpful that the campaign has tested well in the US, it is not necessary. Our job is to locate successful markets on your behalf. Many case studies have shown greater results in another individual country than were experienced in the US.

What categories of product are successful internationally?

We have had successful products in every category and will be happy to help assess the viability of your product.

Can you guarantee that my product will be successful internationally?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee this. As in the US market, the public votes with their pocket book. We can guarantee that we will get your product to the top distributors in all the major international markets quickly. We will work with you to get your product tested on air in all of the top international markets. We like to look at the international marketplace as a collection of individual markets, each one with its own challenges and rewards. On your behalf, we will not stop until we locate the market that is right for your product.

Who takes care of translating the show for all these markets?

In most cases, the regional distributor will take care of translating the infomercial into their language.

Why do I need help with international distribution?

Williams has spent almost 20 yrs in the International arena cultivating close relationships with distributors all over the world. Our relationship allows the ability to get quick responses and results for our clients. Managing an international campaign is very different from managing a domestic one. Every country comes with its own intricacies, legalities and challenges. Our expertise in dealing with these issues gives us the ability to run the campaign smoothly on your behalf

How much does it cost me to test internationally?

Your front end cost is minimal.

Williams WorldWide Television will take a copy of your show and distribute it to our distributors in more than 70 countries. You pay nothing for this service. Upon interest, all we ask of our clients is to provide us with some basics, such as the BETA tapes, samples, scripts and any US test/campaign information. We then manage multilingual packaging and instructions, cultural issues, international currency and price sensitivities, government regulations, international fulfillment.

Is my product right for international sales?

It helps that your product is a success in the US market. However, since each of our distributors is an expert in their own market, we let them decide.

How does it work?

Simply send us a copy of your spot or infomercial. We then distribute it to our international partners on your behalf. Upon receipt, our distributors review the show and indicate their interest. This process takes approximately two weeks.

When should I take my product international?

Immediately. As soon as you see positive trends with your domestic media test, you are ready to test your product internationally.

Why should I take my product to international direct response?

You are leaving profit behind if you do not go to the international marketplace.

The international market has the potential to generate a huge amount of additional revenues. All this with no media cost, fulfillment cost or telemarketing cost to you! These are revenues that will go straight to your bottom line.

Direct Response Television FAQ (1)

What is Direct Response Television?

Direct Response Television, also referred to as DRTV for short, is any television advertising that asks consumers to respond directly to the company. Generally the response directs the consumer to call a toll-free number or to visit a website.