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Hot Shapers - Williams Worldwide TV

Hot Shapers

Hot Shapers is designed with Neotex smart fabric technology that increases core temperature helping you sweat and increase fat burning.

While working out, Hot Shapers will maximize your fitness routines and burn more calories. In addition to wearing while working out, you can also wear during your every day activities – walking the dog, running errands or chores around the house.

Slim your waist, tummy and thighs faster than regular fitness wear.

Product Benefits

  • Makes you sweat and burn more calories
  • Made with Neotex smart fabric technology
  • Maximize your workouts
  • Fun and fashionable design you can wear anywhere


Product configuration

  • 1 X Hot Shapers
  • 1 X Tasty & Healthy Guide
  • 1 X Fit Tape
  • 1 X Carrying Bag

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