Instant Fisherman

The new fold it up, take it anywhere fishing rod is Instant Fisherman! You’re going to have more opportunities to fish wherever you go. Now you can spend more time with your line in the water and less time struggling with bulky equipment.

The Instant Fisherman is the most popular fishing rod ever sold on TV. This new and improved Instant Fisherman is the culmination of 15 years of learning, adjusting, research and engineering. The original Instant Fisherman caught every type of fish, including a shark, won casting contests all over the world and brought smiles to fisherman of all ages.

The new, stronger, better, tougher Instant Fisherman has rock-solid hinges that snaps shut, an extra sensitive rod top, a foldable crank handle for easy storage and transport and a greatly improved super-smooth reel with a 4-to-1 gear ratio that quickly lands the big ones!

Product Benefits

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Rock-solid hinges
  • Improved super-smooth reel


  • 1 X Instant Fisherman


  • 1 X Tackle Belt
  • 1 X Lure Set
  • 1 x Multi Tool

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