Our Services

Who we Are

Williams Worldwide Television (WWTV) has long been recognized as the expert in all aspects of international direct response television. Our expertise in media and focus on international distribution is designed to make you profit. WWTV offers a no-risk solution to bringing your product to the international market: we handle all infomercial product translations and localization as well as campaign aspects such as sales, media, fulfillment, call centers and logistics – all at no cost to you. We provide a single point of contact for over 80 markets around the globe, allowing you a full-scale international presence without having to invest in a full-scale international department.

Team to Serve

The Williams Worldwide Television staff is totally committed to your success. Each member of our team is trained and focused upon specific marketing tasks that take years to learn. The goal is to think ahead, solving international distribution problems before they cost you time and money.

Our Network

Williams Worldwide Television is the premier choice to sell products internationally because we work with key distribution partners in each market. We have a clear understanding of our distributors’ profiles, such as media capabilities, retail capabilities, types of products in which they excel, and the challenges that they face in their specific region or market. Our hands-on experience enables us to choose the best partners – partners who deliver results. And because we have no alliances that require us to work through one particular distributor, you can be sure we will pick the best match between your product and our distributor to launch the most profitable campaign.

Our DRTV philosophy embodies brand-building and campaign longevity. Rather than a shotgun approach we believe the key factors to a successful direct response campaign are brand awareness, product reliability and consumer loyalty. We are selective with the products we choose to represent and concentrate our efforts on long-term marketing strategies. As a result, our efforts have allowed us to run many successful campaigns that continue for years on end. For more information on how to bring your product to the global marketplace, please fill out or information request form, or visit our contact page for more information.

Media Services

Our pan-regional media covers all of Latin America, including Brazil. We contract our media annually with the best cable channels such as: Discovery, LIV, A&E Mundo, Sony, History Channel, E! Entertainment, Travel & Living, Azteca Novelas/Azteca International, Animal Planet, Biography, Discovery Home & Health, MGM, and TLC.. Continue reading about our DRTV Media Services.