AB Doer

  • Targets abs, obliques and entire back
  • Trims fat from your entire midsection from a seated position
  • Improves muscle, tendon and ligament health and circulation
  • Improves spinal flexibility
  • Replaces at least 6 gym exercises

* Over  $430,000 in worldwide sales

Auto Ingles

  • The fastest, easiest, most efficient course to learn English
  • A high-quality course that adjusts to your lifestyle
  • Advance and learn according to your own rhythm
  • Easily learn a new language that can open new opportunities

*Over $2,000,000 sold in Latin America


  • Prevents wrinkles from forming without giving you an inexpressive face
  • Clinical trials have confirmed the efficacy of Bontaliss molecules in reducing micro contractions of the skin
  • Apply directly to your wrinkly lines
  • Wear makeup on top of it without any problems
  • Safer and more economical than injections

*Over $1,400,000 sold in Latin America

Core Sculptor

  • Uses rolling resistance to work every part of your body
  • Completely re-shape your body in just six easy exercises
  • Compact and lightweight, you can store it anywhere
  • Goes way beyond core training to core sculpting
  • Transform your body in a fraction of time.

*Over $600,000 in worldwide sales

Dirt Bullet

  • Extremely easy to use and powerful
  • Wide range of accessories to reach every nook and any height
  • No bag
  • Washable filter
  • Extra-long cable to enable easy movement around the house

*Over $1,900,000 in worldwide sales


  • Reduces shedding up to 90%
  • Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush or comb
  • Works great on all shedding dogs and cats – both long and short-haired
  • Brings out the pets’ natural oils, leaving a shiny and healthy topcoat
  • Ergonomic rubber comfort grip

*Over $660,000 in worldwide sales

HD Vision Line

  • In the line: HD Vision Wraparound, HD Vision Aviators, New! HD Vision Foldaways
  • High-definition sunglasses
  • 100% UV protection
  • Enhances clarity and color

*Over $1,500,000 sold in Latin America

Miracle Blade

  • Designed and engineered like no other knives
  • Made of stainless steel with a revolutionary look, feel and cutting ability
  • Get perfect slices every single time
  • Always stays as sharp as the first slice – no matter what you cut of how many times
  • The distinctive Acu-Grip control ball and the unique design actually help you chop

*Over $1,500,000 sold in Latin America

Power Grow Comb

  • A real, no-gimmicks breakthrough in the treatment of hair loss
  • Low Level Light and Laser Therapy increases capillary blood flow, allowing the hair follicle to expand and revitalize
  • The technology is 100% proven, safe and effective
  • Promotes the appearance of new hair follicles with new hair growth
  • More affordable and convenient than other alternative products

*Over $3,200,000 sold in Latin America

Smart Pen

  • The final fix to your car’s scratches in just seconds
  • Just apply Smart Pen over the damaged area and let the exclusive quick-action formula seal and repair scratches, making them disappear
  • No mess and no other tools needed
  • Designed like a pen for easy use
  • Works on every type of car paint

*Over $600,000 sold in Latin America

Spin N Go

  • The unique mop head combined with a one-of-a-kind wringer bucket rinses and spins the mop dry without using your hands
  • Simply step on the pedal and generate up to 2600 rounds per minute
  • The wide coverage mop head is made of nano-technology micro-fiber material
  • Cleans up to fix times faster and can soak up to three times the moisture of traditional mops
  • Can be used wet for cleaning stains or dry for dusting

*Over $2,500,000 sold in Latin America

Total Core

  • A full, 360-degree, total core workout in one simple and continuous motion
  • Works abs, obliques and lower back all at the same time
  • Easy to use, no matter your fitness level
  • If you can sit in a chair, you can get tight and toned
  • Comfortable, compact and lightweight

*Over $10,000,000 in worldwide sales

True Ceramic Pro

  • Fused, dual-sided ceramic plates and solid ceramic heaters straighten and curl at the molecular level
  • Straighten, curl and style like a pro without chemicals
  • Seals in moisture, color and shine while mending split ends
  • Adds waves, curls and volume
  • Reheats on only seconds
  • 10’ swivel cord will not tangle

*Over $4,600,000 in worldwide sales