Williams Worldwide TV Team

Alain Bransford, CEO

Alain Bransford – President & CEO

Alain Bransford is responsible for the overall leadership, financial management, strategic planning and growth of Williams Worldwide Television. With over 25 years experience in business management, he contributes greatly to the team’s process and overall operations. Alain spent 22 years in retail at JC Penney, eventually becoming President of JC Penney Mexico, where he opened and led its expansion and developed its infrastructure and operations. Alain also served as President of QVC in Mexico where he was instrumental in restructuring and organizing the company, which eventually sold its local corporation.

Sylvia Morales, Vice President

Sylvia Morales – Executive Vice President

Sylvia Morales oversees the acquisition and strategic planning of the media department and is one of the primary forces behind new business development with regards to all of WWTV’s products and media.

Fred Rodriguez, Controller

Fred Rodriguez – Controller

Fred Rodriguez serves as guardian of the company’s assets. His responsibilities include financial reporting, management accounting and decision support, planning and budgeting, asset management, internal control, and office administration. He is a Certified Public Accountant and graduated from California State University at San Diego.

Vanessa Perez, Office Manager

Vanessa Perez – Office Manager

Vanessa Perez is primarily responsible for overall office administrative duties as well as providing support in the accounting department. She designs and implements office policies and works closely with team members on various internal matters of the company. Her focus is creating a pleasant office environment.


Allison Givens – Marketing

Allison Givens – Product Acquisition Manager

Allison Givens is responsible for maintaining strong supplier relations, product procurement, and contract negotiations. She manages all company advertising and marketing efforts. Allison also helps to define and shape the company’s overall marketing message and ensures strong communication between all departments.

Angelica Liang-Chung, Logistics

Angelica Liang-Chung – Operation/Logistics Manager

Angelica Liang is responsible for managing and supervising all logistics procedures to ensure product quality and production lead time. She ensures that business operations are efficient and effective when meeting customer requirements. She also supports our customers with special import requirements and certifications.

Ai Caprio, Logistics

Ai Caprio – Logistics Assistant

Ai Caprio is responsible for providing support in the logistics department and helps with order processing as well as shipping. She ensures all shipments run smoothly, and provides excellent customer service.

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Claudia Morales, Media


Claudia Morales – Media Assistant

Claudia Morales provides support to the Latin America media and sales department. She is responsible for media schedules, supports product launching and marketing, and participates in the planning and execution of media plans. She helps maintain and build positive relationships with clients, and media partners.